The Week In Janet GM Airbag Recall, etc. etc.

helmutBy Leanna

Today Mom ordered welders goggles on Ebay because the air bags in her Cadillac were defective and she was pre-empting, as she said, a “face whack attack”. Always prepared, she just asked if I could get her a full face motorcycle helmet to drive in. Never mind an engine check up – or small issues like visibility. Word has it she hit a car in the parking lot at Walgreens – and just ran. Rumors, rumors….

I also had to mail back about 15 pieces of an alarm system I pleaded with the company to take back – we have little crime in Lionsgate so there wasn’t a real need…. The Reason? Janet would invite the vendor of this alarm system in for drinks and signed up for it because she wanted to date the hot 34 year old Rep. He never did answer my calls after she signed a contract which we barely wiggled out of…I mean she’s ready in a nightie, with fireplace and martini’s every sales call – the guy is just trying to make a living! So was she, apparently.

Tuesday she gets her cataracts out – she totally insulted the doctor in her last appointment saying he needed to wash his hands and get a nose job – I can just see her waking up from anesthesia during surgery just to tell him off – kind of like when she had the colonoscopy and the doc was so angry at her he gave her 5 times the normal dose of anesthesia and she was out for a week.