By Janet

I was making my way to the anesthesiologist a few weeks before Joan Rivers passed to get an endoscopy for my abdomen and I had an intense fear and dread. “Don’t kill me I pleaded with the doctor!” My daughter shook her head. Little did she know I was channeling something – perhaps, what I would say – was quite psychic. I visit doctors darling basically like changing my underwear i.e., often, and nothing really phases me but rude staff – but that day in November I was on edge…somehow fearing for my life.

Then weeks later, I heard about Joan. A woman my age, dying from a simple procedure. Frail like me, Joan Rivers was totally criminally mishandled – it was so tragic, and I so identified with her – I’m still reeling from her death.

As we age, the fear of losing to even simple battles grows greater. My heart goes out to Melissa and her family even though this is quite belated. My Blog just launched…

I miss Joan, and wish something other than the reality of the situation. Love you, dear Lady – what a trail blazer and true feminist!

This a link to the Hollywood Reporter speech Melissa made in December.

Melissa Rivers pays tribute to her Mother, JoanFeatured image