“My little Mama never flew out of a mobile home on a highway, but if she had she would not have been as impeccably dressed as Janet Conley.  That being said, I can more than relate to the hilarious, colorful, and moving stories about this talented author’s enchanting mother.”

–Cindy Williams, Actress best known as “Shirley” on LAVERNE & SHIRLEY, author of SHIRLEY, I JEST!   

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“Funny and relevant for all those caretaker baby boomers out there, Conley’s The Daily Janet touches the heart of anyone who’s had a Mom. Her stories relate to people of all backgrounds and walks of life.” 

— April Ryan, White House reporter, author of THE PRESIDENCY IN BLACK AND WHITE and AT MAMA’S KNEE: Mothers & Race in Black and White

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From the moment I started this biography, I became completely engrossed, I forgot to go to sleep early as I originally planned. Leanna Conley is a natural born storyteller with a flair for the comedic, which I imagined she inherited from her mother, Janet.

Since I’m not one to read a lot of biographies, I had agreed to read this one expecting it to be just another biography with comedy here and there. I didn’t prepare myself for what lay in store. Janet is truly a wild, wise woman that you just can’t get enough of, no matter how you try.

The Daily Janet offers everything a good story requires: pain, drama, comedy and love. She’s a class act with a wild side. I highly recommend this extremely pleasurable read. You won’t be disappointed.

Overall Rate: 5 out of 5 stars

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