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Leanna is a writer, humorist and illustrator living on the Gulf Coast.

Mother Wisdom

Welcome dear Readers to my Blog – and advice column.

There’s a special wisdom that comes from being through so many things in life – it’s notably possessed by those who have chosen Motherhood as a profession – and I mean just because you have a child I don’t think you’re a Mother. It’s not an automatic right. I worked pretty hard to raise my Daughter.

I hope to share some of my experiences to inspire you, give you hope and let’s face it darlings sometimes get through the day. Here I discuss many things with my Daughter Leanna. Hopefully, we all have a good Mom to talk to – listen to us and guide us. And, well, occasionally get us in trouble. (Maybe just me…)

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By Janet

I was making my way to the anesthesiologist a few weeks before Joan Rivers passed to get an endoscopy for my abdomen and I had an intense fear and dread. “Don’t kill me I pleaded with the doctor!” My daughter shook her head. Little did she know I was channeling something – perhaps, what I would say – was quite psychic. I visit doctors darling basically like changing my underwear i.e., often, and nothing really phases me but rude staff – but that day in November I was on edge…somehow fearing for my life.

Then weeks later, I heard about Joan. A woman my age, dying from a simple procedure. Frail like me, Joan Rivers was totally criminally mishandled – it was so tragic, and I so identified with her – I’m still reeling from her death.

As we age, the fear of losing to even simple battles grows greater. My heart goes out to Melissa and her family even though this is quite belated. My Blog just launched…

I miss Joan, and wish something other than the reality of the situation. Love you, dear Lady – what a trail blazer and true feminist!

This a link to the Hollywood Reporter speech Melissa made in December.

Melissa Rivers pays tribute to her Mother, JoanFeatured image

The Week In Janet GM Airbag Recall, etc. etc.

helmutBy Leanna

Today Mom ordered welders goggles on Ebay because the air bags in her Cadillac were defective and she was pre-empting, as she said, a “face whack attack”. Always prepared, she just asked if I could get her a full face motorcycle helmet to drive in. Never mind an engine check up – or small issues like visibility. Word has it she hit a car in the parking lot at Walgreens – and just ran. Rumors, rumors….

I also had to mail back about 15 pieces of an alarm system I pleaded with the company to take back – we have little crime in Lionsgate so there wasn’t a real need…. The Reason? Janet would invite the vendor of this alarm system in for drinks and signed up for it because she wanted to date the hot 34 year old Rep. He never did answer my calls after she signed a contract which we barely wiggled out of…I mean she’s ready in a nightie, with fireplace and martini’s every sales call – the guy is just trying to make a living! So was she, apparently.

Tuesday she gets her cataracts out – she totally insulted the doctor in her last appointment saying he needed to wash his hands and get a nose job – I can just see her waking up from anesthesia during surgery just to tell him off – kind of like when she had the colonoscopy and the doc was so angry at her he gave her 5 times the normal dose of anesthesia and she was out for a week.

Mom is 82 years young

My Mom is 82 years young! Janet Lee, the party with legs, has mastered the art of avoiding what’s important, partying, while having a keen fashion sense and sensibility. Raised in Kentucky – she escaped the “hollars” to the North by marrying my Dad, sweet Bill.  She’s a strong, talented Lady – never afraid to stand up to someone after she’s set the dinner table perfectly. A combination of wit, moxy, wisdom and just plain old unexpected whackiness that kept her husband, daughter and family guessing for years.

the girls
Leanna and Janet

Now it’s your turn.

Who am I? – her daughter – Leanna – writer and creator of this blog and her soon to be released book, The Daily Janet. We both contribute to this blog, and hope to shed some light and love on Mothers and Daughters everywhere with advice, humor, and comraderie to those who understand with world of fashion, relationships, design and care taking a parent. Hail to the brave Boomers who care for their loved ones, and the younger readers who we hope will get a serious kick out of the one-of-a-kind Janet!